Prayer and Care Ministry

Our Prayer and Care Minstry provides loving support and guidance to those seeking God's will through prayer, Christ's comfort through hospital visitation and the Holy Spirit's wisdom and discernment through Pre-Marital mentoring.

Prayer Team

Our prayer partners are always ready to meet with you at the end of our service to pray and guide you in a time of need or in a time of seeking God.

Hospital Visitation

Our hospital visitation team desires to bring comfort, prayer and fellowship for those experiencing a hospital stay. Our team is committed to ensuring that any member of our church in the hospital will know someone is looking forward to visiting and praying with them.

Engaged and Newlywed Mentoring

One of the most important events in life is marriage. We offer a six week, biblically based, course for couples who are preparing for marriage or are newly married. The course is based on the movie "Fireproof".

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