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"...for the Son of Man came to seek and save that which was lost." - Luke 19:10

Baptisms Highlight Cap City Church
   If you look to the blogosphere, read the books, and pay even a little attention to current trends in the church world, you will know that church planting is being talked about all over the globe.  There is always talk of church growth, building programs, worship styles, and the list goes on.  
   These things are, of course, relevant to a great degree.  But what really gets a church planter going is baptisms.  
   Recently, Cap City celebrated its first baptisms as a church family.  After a brief time of worship and testimony at our church venue, 40-50 people paraded down to the local leisure centre and swimming pool for "the dunk."  Two of the candidates were our daughters, Olivia and Audrey.  What a privilege to baptize your own children!  The other two were Geraint and Kylie.  Geraint had been to church before, but has really grown as a disciple while attending Cap City, 
and Kylie had never been to a church prior to Cap City.
   In addition to seeing people making a public commitment to Jesus, the real thrill of baptism is the witness to friends and family.  Many in attendance that night were parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends of Geraint and Kylie. Several mentioned how different Cap City was from other churches they had visited ("We weren't expecting happy music!" and "This church is like none other!")
   We pray for growth and viability and (someday) a successful building program, but we will never forget the real purpose of church planting: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved..."  (Mark 16:15-16)
Baptism candidates sharing their stories...
A Cap City new believer is baptized.
   Our family came to Wales two years ago to plant Capital City Church, but the vision God has given us doesn't stop there.  Our prayer is that we can facilitate more new churches across the Welsh valleys, mountains, cities, and countrysides.  Please pray for us as we seek to raise up land equip leaders to lead new works.  We are already in talks to plant another church in 2015.  If you would like to partner in these endeavors, or perhaps you would like to take part in one of our teams, please contact us!

Family Update...

   Many have asked about how the family is doing.  We are doing quite well!  Misty has been busy meeting with team members and young ladies at the church.  Sam is 16, just over 6' tall (he is thrilled at this), and is completing his GCSE exams.  Olivia is 13 and is also growing quite tall.  Her studies are always impeccable.  Audrey, aka "posh little princess," is 10 and doing her best to perfect her British accent.  Will just turned 8 and is an All-American boy (he recently showed up in church in a bandanna and cowboy hat!).  Despite a few bouts of glandular fever for Misty (chronic fatigue syndrome as it's called in the US) and a minor surgery to repair Bryan's knee, all of us are in good health and enjoying life and ministry in the UK!

Prayers and Praises...

  • This past May Capital City Church was officially welcomed into the British Assemblies of God.  This is a major step for our church as well as our relationship with the national leadership.
  • God is increasing our favor with our area and national leadership.  It's always a challenge being a new kid in town, but we are continually amazed as God opens doors for ministry and relationship in the AoGUK!
  • We recently organized a meeting between the AoGUK and two other church planting groups in Wales with the purpose of studying the possibility of a collaborative effort in the near future.  Basically, we would be bringing two major denominations together in establishing a new church in an underserved region of Wales.  This could be a major milestone in the Pentecostal church movement of the UK.  It's in the beginning stages, but continue to pray for this as God desires unity in ministry!
  • We continue to see growth as new people come to Cap City on a weekly basis!
Prayer Requests
  • Cap City needs to find its own building venue.  We are looking at a couple options, one of which we will be discussing at a meeting on July 7.  
  • Cristi Alexander, our team partner for this term, will be returning to the US in October for her furlough.  Pray for her time in America raising support, and pray for Capital City Church as she will be leaving a big void.  
  • Amber Farhat has been with us for almost a year.  She has been studying in Cardiff but is from St. Louis (and a Mizzou Chi Alpha leader).  She will be leaving in September.  We will miss our team members!
  • Joanne Blackwell, also a Chi Alphan (Sam Houston University), will be joining us for 11 months in July.  We look forward to another quality Chi Alphan to assist us.  Pray that her travel will be swift and save and that her transition will be smooth.
  • After a year of decrease in our support levels, we've seen a resurgence in recent months.  While we praise God for that, we ask that you'd continue to pray for our support as our budget will be increasing in the coming years.  
Thanks for your prayer support.  We cannot fulfill our calling without your help!
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