Restoration Church Leadership Staff & Team

Restoration Church is blessed to have these individuals a part of the team. Each of them bring a passion and excitement to the ministries, the office and each other that help make Restoration Church who we are.

Paul Aragon
Senior Pastor

Paul Discovered love and marriage in Colorado Springs 12 years ago! He and his wife Melanie have three children, Caden, Arlee and Ava. Paul completed a Church Ministries degree in 1992, from Southeastern University, in sunny Florida. In 1993, he served as a youth minister in Colorado Springs. In 1999, Paul and Melanie pioneered a church in Fort Collins called Timberline Old Town. Then in 2005, Paul took some time off from full time ministry to attend Fuller Theological Seminary where he completed a Master's of Theology Degree. He is thrilled to be serving as lead pastor here at Restoration Church. Paul loves the Denver Broncos and pretty much any sport that requires contact! He is a coffee connoisseur and thoroughly enjoys living in Colorado!

Dave Johnston
Executive Pastor

Dave and his wife, Kristine, met on a ski slope in Austria while both were serving in the U.S. Army. They spent 20 yrs in the Army raising 3 kids and traveling the world. Dave felt the call of God in the late 1990’s and pursued a degree in Pastoral Ministries and Christian Counseling from Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs. Dave & Kris have been with Restoration since 2005. Dave finished his degree work in 2006 and came on staff in 2008.
They have raised the kids and are now enjoying the “Empty Nest”! Dave serves as Associate and Youth Pastor while Kris is involved in Women’s Ministries and making art, lots of art!

Deborah Hendrix
Business Administrator

Deborah is the daughter of Rev. Edward and Mrs. Donna Wright, Jr. of Chicago, IL. She is the oldest of three children. She has been married to Charles for 21 years and has 2 beautiful daughters, Catherine and Danielle. Deborah has a daily "to do" list from 8-12 much bigger than most peoples lists for the week! Here at the church she serves in a variety of capacities to support PBS. Outside of church she is the President of Harrison School District 2 Board and Springs Early Colleges, owns her own Training & Consulting Business, Instructs for Dale Carnegie and so much more! When she isn't running around she enjoys sleeping which is well understood.

David Wintterle
Youth Pastor

David has lived in Colorado since 2012, where he met and married Alli on July 25th 2015. Alli has been a Spanish teacher for the last four years at Air Academy High School. David is bi-vocational and currently works part-time as a service specialist at the Apple Store. David has done ministry in California as a youth pastor, college pastor, and intern director. He and Alli enjoy hiking the beautiful trails of Colorado, love board games, video games, and the San Antonio Spurs! David has a deep desire to see the youth of America know why they believe what they believe and not just to have a faith that was passed down to them, but that they will eagerly seek out Christ for themselves.