Restoration House

Restoration House

Restoration House, located in Fountain, CO. desires to reach out to individuals and families in crisis. Our immediate focus is to provide temporary housing and resources that will assist individuals and families that are facing situational challenges.


Restoration House’s mission is to provide “A Gateway To Opportunity”

At Restoration House, we know that housing is the foundation on which people build their lives.

We seek to provide individuals and families a stable environment conducive to rebuilding and becoming self-sustaining, a bridge between crisis and independence. However, we not only provide temporary housing, through God’s Grace we work to; Stabilize Crisis, Restore emotional peace, Produce positive outcomes for those we assist.

It is the expectation of Restoration House that the love of Jesus Christ will be demonstrated by everyone that is a part of this ministry and that we will change lives in our community!


501(c)(3) non profit organization

First residents moved in August, 2012

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