Building Campaign, Phase 1
The Vision

The long-term vision of Restoration Church includes a 10-acre campus strategically designed to help Present Christ, Build Bridges into the Community & Strengthen Faith and Family (PBS). The master plan calls for 7 strategic phases of development. Phase 1 will begin in 2016! more...


The master plan calls for 7 strategic phases of development. We will be conentrating on Phase 1 in 2016-2017. Please take a moment to view the plan to add over 15,000 new sq. ft. and re-purpose the existing Children's wing. more...


In Summary

We passionately believe phase 1 can be achieved as we each do our part while trusting God for greater things in the months to come. more...

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What are we building?

Phase 1 of our master plan which includes a new Main Enterance, 10,000+ sq. ft. Children's Building, 2,000 sq. ft. addition to the Main Sanctuary, and 700 sq. ft. for a Prayer Room and Green Room along with re-purposing the existing Children's wing for Adult Education and Offices. more...
New Children's Wing
The Coffee Shop

What is a pledge and how will they be received?

A pledge is a commitment between you and God to support the vision God has given to our leadership. It is a matter of praying, listening and obeying what God asks each of us to do. more...

What is the timeline for construction?

We plan to begin construction in 2016.

What is the cost?

You can review the Project Financials here.